Balancing Valve is an important equipment in Cooling or Heating Water Distribution System. If a system is not well balanced, it will result in the unequal distribution of the flow in the system. So, it might be a surplus effect in some of terminals, and also the effect will be inadequate in others.

The Cimberio balancing valve will be installed to ensure that the design flow rate is achieved at all times irrespective of any pressure changes within the system.

Cimberio offers everything necessary for efficient control of heating and cooling. It includes everything from balancing valves to valves for radiators and cooling baffles. But the wide range of products is only part of our strength.

All valves are tested according to the EN 12266-1 standard.

Manual Balancing Valve

PartMaterialBody: Brass and Cast IronSize: 1/2″ – 12″