Tocono Hotel Lock

Hotel Lock - Energy Saver - Hotel Safe Box - Access Control

Tocono is a leader in the hotel keycard solutions. Tocoo are offering the variety of product for hotel, residence, condominium and other rental business. 

In year 2020, Tocono never stop developing the products. We are launching the new hotel lock software, which integrating the management features to it such as Tax Invoice / Receipt, Off-line and Online Reservation, Shift Management, Mini-POS and integrate to travelagent like Agoda, and Traveloka and etc. . It will give more benefit and aso increase the efficiency to the hotel owners.

In addition, the new Tocono Hotel Lock support both offline and online database (Cloud Base System). Why we have to support both because we want to give worry-free to customers even though their internet system is not stable. They can use our software. 

Cloud database allow you to easily access the report, monitor all transactions in the hotel by any smart devices, anywhere and anytime. 


Hotel Lock