HVAC Products

Motorized Valve - Control Valve - Room Thermostat

HVAC Products is the controle device for your High-Rise Building, Hotel, Office Buidling, Department Store and Industry. We are supplying the various types of HVAC products with well-known brand in the market. 

Product Category : 

  • Motorized Valve for Fan Coil Unit. They are availble in 2-Way and 3-Way with On-Off and Proportional Control Signal.

  • Damper Actuator drives the Damper in Duct, Ventilation and Fire & Smoke System. Torque is available in 2Nm - 40Nm, and you can choose both On-Off or Propoortional signal.

  • Room Thermostat is to measure and control the room temperarture of zone.

  • PICV and EPIV valve is the new technology in control flow. They combine the differential Pressure and regulation valve in one.

  • DDC Controller is a intelligent module to be designed to various control applications such as Temperature, Humidity, Carbondioxide, Differential Pressure and etc. 

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